Rental Income

Depending on the type of home you chose, the area may be potentially a highly traveled tourist location that brings people from around the world. If managed appropriately, seizing the opportunity to have a vacation home to rent could assist in paying normal monthly expenses. For innovative ways to utilize this home as tax advantage it is advised to speak with an accountant.

Increase Property Value

Choosing a vacation home can be a nice short term and long term investment which may offer you financial gains in the future if it increases in value.

Things to think about when purchasing a vacation home

  • Do you have enough cash flow every month to take on a second mortgage?
  • Do you know the climate changes of the area you will be purchasing? Is there extreme weather or conditions to consider?
  • Have you considered ways to hold the property? Example: Sole Proprietor, Partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp, LLC, etc.
  • Copy of purchase contract for new home
  • Do you have any extra expenses that may need to be covered in addition to your monthly mortgage payments on the property? Examples: Homeowners’ association dues, utilities, insurance, etc.
  • Making sure all costs are determined and identified when calculating how much you will need to make the purchase, including closing costs, renovations, repairs and new furniture costs.

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